BlueIris – Motion Detection optimieren

.. You set zone crossing with 2 zones.  
For example…
1. Set zone A with the side of the house and top stoop.
2. Set zone B to the brick area, and out a bit in the yard and side of the driveway.
3. Connect zones A and B together or they cannot cross – so, add an addition zone (I always use G) that covers zone A, the gap, and Zone B. Basically just cover the dimmer yellow areas.
4. Set your ‚Zone Crosses‘ to A-B.
5. Set the ‚Min. Duration‘ to a lower number, like .2 or .4. You can estimate this by how long it takes a person to move about 1/4 to 1/3 the way thru from the edge of either side of the zones.
6. Set the ‚Object travel‘ to a number, like 50 – 100.

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